NDNA's 2018 New Year's resolutions

Here are National Day Nurseries Association's (NDNA) resolutions for 2018:

  • Continue to be the strongest voice of the early years sector across England, Wales and Scotland
  • Lobby all three nation’s governments to give nurseries a fair funding deal in the face of 6% increases in staffing costs for most providers from April 2018
  • Make sure that any extension of the funded childcare schemes across all 3 nations are adequately funded and the sector fully consulted
  • Continue to raise the profile of the early years workforce and to make sure enough people are trained to provide high quality EY education
  • Keep up the pressure on Westminster to make early years businesses exempt from paying business rates in England and to lobby the Welsh government to extend their rates rebate scheme to include all childcare providers
  • Hold HMRC and DfE to account re keeping EY providers informed of parents dropping in to grace period and not reconfirming – nurseries should not be burdened with mountains of admin
  • Find out and expose the real picture regarding workforce in nurseries across the UK
  • Make sure that Brexit negotiations do not exacerbate the recruitment crisis across the nations.

Suggested New Year's resolutions for nurseries:2018

​What are your nursery's New Year's resolutions for 2018? Here are some suggestions: 

  • Have a ‘policy of the month’ to discuss with staff to ensure that your nursery policies and procedures are reviewed regularly and shared with staff members
  • Achieve a quality mark for your nursery such as Millie’s Mark or Quality Counts to improve quality and showcase your setting to new and existing parents/carers
  • Invest more in staff CPD through face to face and online training and using staff quizzes in meetings to gauge knowledge gaps
  • Keep a bottle with ‘kindness gestures’ or ‘the best thing about this week’ post-its so that at the end of the year your nursery can look back at all the positives from the year
  • Sign up and access NDNA’s FREE Early Years Business Zone to review your nursery's business practices to thrive in 2018
  • Create and implement a social media plan to promote your nursery’s daily activities to new parents and to support partnerships with existing parents
  • Access free weekly myNDNA tips and activity ideas to vary your nursery's activities throughout the year for your children
  • Implement an ‘employee of the month’ reward for staff members to increase morale
  • Plan ‘stay and play’ days where parents/carers can come in to the setting to spend time enjoying what their children get up to during the day to build parent partnerships
  • Support your key-children’s resolutions, perhaps a child in your care's 'next steps' are to learn more new words or encourage room/setting-wide resolutions such as working together to keep your setting tidier.