Please support this petition to scrap business rates for nurseries in England 

NDNA is urging everyone to back a petition to abolish business rates and VAT for nurseries in England. 

We are urging members, parents and the general public to support this petition and help us to get the government to listen and introduce exemption. 

NDNA member Victoria Whitty of Hocus Pocus Day Nursery in Bolton set up the petition following her strong views on the issue. 

NDNA’s 2018 England Nursery Survey  identified that making nurseries exempt from these charges would massively help nurseries financially. 

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), as part of their Handle with Care: Challenges Facing Small Childcare Providers report, have also recognised this as being a crucial step for the government to take in order to allow nurseries to stay in business.

Harrogate Borough Council introduced a 50% reduction in business rates for nurseries. Other local councils and the government should follow by example. 

Purnima Tanuku OBE, Chief Executive of NDNA, said: “I hope everyone can see the importance of this potential move and the boost it would offer for childcare providers. 

“We urge not only the sector but the general public, including parents, to get behind this petition by signing it and sharing it in order to bring it to the attention of their peers. 

“Giving nurseries an exemption to business rates would benefit childcare businesses that are struggling due to the implementation of the 30 hours expanded childcare programme massively.

“We have long campaigned for this change and have already seen exemption for all nurseries in Scotland, an increased amount of business rates relief in Wales and relief in Harrogate.”  

Purnima continued: “Nurseries offer a social and economic good by providing good quality, early years education and allowing parents to return to work. 

“Rising business costs, such as an increase in the National Minimum wage, means many nurseries are struggling to stay open and costs for parents who don’t qualify for free hours are rising.”

Sign the petition now.