More nurseries bulk buying training 

More nurseries are “bulk buying” online training courses which is stretching their training budgets much further, according to National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA).training bundles

NDNA’s training “bundles” - which can now include up to 500 courses - are spreading training costs for nurseries. They have no time limit, so nurseries can use them as and when they need to.

Although bundles of 25, 50 and 100 were only introduced in January last year, these already represent a third of all NDNA’s training courses sold.

This year NDNA has launched three new bundles: 250 and 500 courses and also a bundle of 50 short online courses for £125. Buying in bulk means that training courses, including mandatory training, can cost as little as £2.50 each. Longer online training courses can be as cheap as £5 each when buying 500. 

NDNA also offers members the chance to spread their payments of large bundles. 

Purnima Tanuku OBE, Chief Executive of NDNA said: “We know from our workforce research that nurseries are cash-strapped because of low government hourly funding rates, so they have very little in their training budgets to upskill their practitioners. 

“It’s also difficult for them to offer cover while practitioners are out at training courses, so we have noticed a huge rise in the number of people buying our quality online training.

“We are able to reduce prices by offering large bundles of training courses which nurseries can use as they see fit. It’s a great solution to their training needs and offers them good value for money. Our bundles cover a wide range of 40 courses from safeguarding to supporting children with SEND. We are adding more courses over the next few months to further improve the selection.”

Out of 1500 training customers, 13% have already bought at least one bundle of courses. The buyer is given a code which is used to access the courses they require and they receive a report which details which member of staff has achieved which qualification or course.

Claire Black, Group Human Resources Manager at Poppy and Jack’s Nursery Ltd in Poulton-le-Fylde, has bought her company training in bulk.

She said: “We are passionate about continuous professional development across our nursery group, and NDNA provides research-driven, high quality training. Buying NDNA bundles is a cost-effective way for our practitioners to access this training online.

“We used the enrolment key across our nursery group, so our practitioners can choose training which is most appropriate for their focus and personal development needs. 

“We also pay close attention to the needs of the children, and the variety of training available in the bundle helps us to underpin their learning.”

The new bundles which range from 50 to 500 are now live in NDNA’s online shop. Find out more here.  

Most bundles are only available for NDNA members - find out more about becoming a member here.