Plan, Lead and Review Play Opportunities
Plan, Lead and Review Play Opportunities
As part of the EYFS statutory framework, (1.6), you must be able to plan challenging and enjoyable experiences for your nursery children.

Planning for children's play is an essential skill to enable children to develop to their full potential.

Reflection is vital in moving your practice forward and providing the best outcomes for the children in your care.

Learn to plan and review the play opportunities you provide for your nursery children with this online course from NDNA.

You'll understand the theory behind - and approaches to - play from early years pioneers and how they fit into your current practice through different ages and stages.

You'll then look at different approaches that you can use to reflect on your current practice and how they can be used to evaluate the play opportunities you provide for your children.

Topics include:
  • Understanding play philosophy and theory
  • How play philosophy and theory fits in to your current practice at different ages and stages
  • How you can lead play opportunities and engage parents in their children's play
  • Strategies for reflecting and reviewing your current practice.
At the end of the course you will be able to download a certificate to save for ongoing professional development, or if you are pursuing the Level 3 Diploma you can use this as part of your evidence portfolio.

Duration: 5 hours

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