Developing Literacy Superheroes
Developing Literacy Superheroes
Take your children’s reading and writing skills to superhero strength.

What will I learn?

The advice and activity guides in this publication will help children develop the superhero characteristics they need to become passionate about reading and writing.

When a child reads a story, we want that child to feel as exhilarated as Superman in flight. We aim to help children to feel as brave and powerful as Batman when they pick up a book or a pen. This is why we have created our book, Literacy Superheroes.

This guide to literacy is divided into two sections: Reading and Writing

Key topics & chapters in Reading:

• Supporting reading by gender
• Storytelling skills
• Making Stories Exciting and Fun
• Story Sacks

Key topics & chapters in Writing:

• Developing successful writers
• Mark making
• Scribbling
• Stages of Writing Development

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A5 – 83 pages

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