Quality Counts - Journey to Excellence
Quality Counts - Journey to Excellence
Take your first steps to delivering high quality practice in your setting with NDNA's Journey to Excellence.

NDNA's Journey to Excellence contains a 160 page manual, two quality online courses and 26 self-assessment templates that will help you define and implement a vision of quality at your nursery.

The Journey to Excellence manual is made up of four key sections:

  • Defining Quality
  • Reflective Practice & Critical Evaluation
  • Developing a Quality Workforce
  • Quality Partnerships with Parents.
It provides 26 templates to assist you with your journey and activities to evaluate your practice and identify areas for improvement. We will help you understand what levels of quality you should aspire to.

Online courses included

The two online courses included in the Journey to Excellence are vital to implementing the quality vision. These are:

The online courses are:
  • Quality Teaching
  • Evaluative Practice and Impact Measurement
The Journey to Excellence is one of three pathways in the Quality Counts series.

Quality Counts programme

After working through the Journey to Excellence, you may be ready for the fully fledged quality improvement scheme. Please see your options below:

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