25 online courses bundle: £12 per course
25 online courses bundle: £12 per course
When purchasing a bundle, you receive one enrolment key, specific to your nursery, that can be used 25 times.

Use your bundle flexibly, e.g. 25 staff can complete one course, or five staff can complete five courses etc.

Access only stops once the enrolment key has been used for the 25th time. All of the below courses are available in the bundle. *

Each member of staff will set up an account on our online training website, the Development Zone. They will select the course and enter your specific enrolment key to start. A report is provided which shows the progress and courses of staff members.

A learner has 180 days to complete a course once started. A certificate is provided for each user upon completion.

* For more than 10 Level 2 Introduction to Safeguarding and Child Protection courses, you will have to pay an additional fee of £3 per person to cover certification costs. This fee can be paid over the phone after the order has been placed.

This product is available exclusively to NDNA nursery members only. This offer is not available to non-members and all local authorities.
Member price: 300.00
You could save 63.6%

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