FREE - Supporting Well-being in the Early Years Workforce
FREE - Supporting Well-being in the Early Years Workforce
Learn basic tips on improving health and well-being with this 'Supporting Well-being in the Early Years Workforce' online course from NDNA.

What will I learn?

This free online short course is ideal for practitioners who want to know the basics about mental health and well-being.

We provide an overview of the main theories on well-being, including physical; mental and emotional; social; and spiritual well-being. You'll discover the effect that poor well-being has on the workplace.

This course will help you to assess your own personal well-being with ideas for appropriate steps you can take to improve it.

Key topics include:

  • Different types of well-being
  • Tips for improving mental and physical well-being
  • Tips for combating stress.
Course duration: 1 hour.

View a preview of the course here.

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