National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) is delighted to announce that it has formed a global partnership agreement with World Academies.
World Academies and NDNA have been working together since early 2014 and have formed a strong alliance and commitment to the growth of the international early years market.

Since it was established in 2010, World Academies has provided high-quality start-up, operational and quality assurance services to schools in over a dozen countries worldwide. Their support has guided school developments through high-quality business planning, providing robust feasibility studies, supporting investors to create a vision for their school, reviewing architects’ plans, completing competitor analysis, setting target and growth plans, educational policy and planning, recruitment, curriculum design, budgeting and marketing.
World Academies was founded to provide investors and school owners with the highest quality services to set up and operate world-class international schools. Focusing on excellence in teaching and learning and delivering schools that not only provide an excellent return but also benefit the entire community.

Read more in the World Academies Brochure 2015

NDNA and World Academies share the same values which have become the cornerstone of our partnership arrangement:
Passionate about outstanding childcare
Knowledgeable about childcare and learning in the early years
Professional, proactive and realistic about what we do
Focused on partnerships, solutions and achieving results
Committed to continuous improvement

How will World Academies help to open outstanding nurseries?

World Academies support the international demand from owners and investors who want to set up nurseries or chains of nurseries in their chosen country. World Academies can provide pre-start up support through feasibility studies and business planning and follow on with a full range of project management start-up services, including: building design and selection, curriculum, marketing and branding, recruitment and resourcing, among many other services, to ensure nurseries are opened on time and achieving excellence from the first day or opening. World Academies and NDNA then provide long-term operational support and continual training and quality assurance to ensure outstanding nursery provision for many years to come. 

If you want to open a nursery and you think World Academies can help, please complete the request form.