BFL Solutions Ltd.

Still waiting for parents to pay you? BFL solutions can support you. 

We work closely with settings across the UK struggling to collect overdue payments from parents.  We understand your frustration; we’ve seen instances where parents prefer to spend their nursery allowance on luxury items rather than paying their outstanding nursery fees.  

We can tackle this problem head on with you

BFL’s Premium Service offers:

  • Credit status checks: Discover if parents at your setting are able to afford their nursery fees
  • Free residential checks: Find out if parents have moved away without telling you
  • Full debt recovery services including the letter cycle, telephone collection and field agents visits
  • Free legal advice: Access to your very own account manager to guide you through the best route to securing your debt.

As an NDNA member BFL Solutions offers members a 10% discount off all our products! Please call us for more information and don’t forget to ask for the discounted rate:

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Freephone: 0808 168 2465