Play it safe with Easigrass: quality artificial grass solutions

Easigrass is a leading trusted quality surface supplier and installer for children’s play and sports at nurseries and schools.

Our artificial grass is extremely tough, durable and safe, making it a perfect surface for children’s play and sports activities. Preventing muddy mess and grass stains, our grass and base pads also offer a softer, safer landing for little ones on the move.

A multi-award winning brand with more than three decades of experience supplying and installing artificial turf for sports, commercial, and domestic applications; Easigrass grass technology and safety standards are unparalleled.

Our grass is also incredibly realistic and smart, offering a low maintenance natural-look for year-round heavy use, whatever the weather.

Multi-surface technology

Easigrass has developed different hard-wearing grasses for specific activity demands – all meeting the highest national and international safety standards. 

Our grass offers perfect cover for:

  • Pre-school play areas
  • School leisure areas
  • Play parks with climbing equipment
  • Multi-play areas.

Easi-Play shock pad base

Easigrass supply and install the Easi-Play system including shock-absorbent pads as an extra safety base underneath the artificial grass area.

The system - designed together with the world’s leading shock pad manufacturer - is particularly popular for use in and around swings, slides climbing frames, paddling pools, and trampolines.

Easi-Inspiration: not just grass…

Easigrass' complete range of accessory products instantly transform spaces, making adults and children feel happy and uplifted in innovative, inspiring and fun spaces indoors and outdoors:

“At Little Monkeys we've always made the most of our community by taking the children out for walks every day, but with our limited garden space we've been looking for ways to bring outside experiences in. Easigrass has made this possible.

The staff, families and most importantly the children love our new Easi-wall which has transformed our toddler room into an indoor garden. The attention to detail is outstanding and we felt very looked after. We will certainly be using Easigrass again!”

Sheree Hardiman, Nursery Manager of Little Monkeys Nursery Windsor


The Easi-Wall uplifts the smallest outdoor and indoor spaces, enhancing and improving dull wall areas, and bringing natural inspiration to children's play.

Our teams of designers work directly with clients to create a unique installation to suit any space.


From life-sized horses, lions, and camels, to bears, unicorns and frogs, Easi-Animals bring joy to children and adults and are available for purchase or rent worldwide.

Each animal is designed and handcrafted at the Easigrass workshop studio in Surrey, England.


The highly acclaimed Easi-Gazebee delivers stylish outdoor shelter solutions for a diverse range of commercial premises, including nursery schools.

Designed and handcrafted exclusively by Easigrass, the Easi-Gazebee is meticulously built using Easi-Mayfair premium soft pile artificial grass. 

The children love our new Easi-Wall which has transformed our toddler room into an indoor garden.

Minimum eight-year warranty

All grass is fitted with a minimum eight-year warranty. Once installed, the maintenance cost and time required to keep your artificial grass playing surface in safe, good condition is rapidly reduced.

Easigrass offers comprehensive after sales support, including annual maintenance service contracts.

Quality tested and trusted

Easigrass designers and installers are experienced in delivering the best and safest surface solutions to nurseries. On request, our professionals can share their expertise and knowledge with you, including full health and safety criteria.

Easigrass is a member of all leading landscape organisations and independently audited for ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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