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How can spark help?

…the business and senior teams?

  • Favourably supports funding shortfalls; designed to drive efficiencies 
  • Deploys all staff’s time effectively
  • Accurately target funds; training and resources
  • Allows consistency in service delivery
  • Promotes professionalism and reputation 
  • Provides a selection of detailed data and quick evaluation
  • Supports ‘continuous improvement’
  • Backs highest Ofsted grades. 

“…allows us to monitor progress with ease & is extremely user-friendly. It is also a great tool to help monitor practitioner participation & highlight areas for both practitioners & children that they may need to help children achieve to their full potential”

“Having all of the planners to hand is brilliant as it allows me to monitor activities at the click of a button”


…practitioner teams?

“Staff ALWAYS know exactly what each child’s next steps are just at the click of a button. It also means children’s learning is always moving forwards; children don’t have to ‘wait’ whilst practitioners think about what a ‘nice’ next step might be…”

  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Promotes job satisfaction; time spent with the children appreciating progress 
  • Sensitively supports outcomes in learning and development
  • Range of functions for every aspect of curriculum delivery and evaluation of practice
  • Supports adult’s literacy skills and depth of knowledge about key-children
  • Acts as an ongoing EYFS training tool
  • Guides assessment and report writing
  • Enables quick and channelled teaching evaluations.

“The needs of the child are at the heart of its design and its ongoing development is driven by a passion for the same goal.”


…parents and other professionals?

"Spark has contributed in boosting parents’ confidence in our practice. They are now, more assured that every step of their child's development is captured; knowing that any gap in development would be identified and early intervention proffered.”
  • Offers different ways to encourage all families to participate
  • Designed to support parents in ‘building brains’; neural networks
  • Ideas provided against next steps to enhance parental engagement
  • Instant sharing of daily observations to and from parents
  • Complement with ‘learning stories’
  • All concerned can be involved
  • Quickly produced professional reports 
  • Gratification for all participants.
“This totally keeps us in the loop and helps us track Jael’s progress as well as start to prepare her for the next steps as much as we can.”

Quotes & information received with thanks from Best Friends Nursery, Buttercup Corner, Daisy Chains Nursery, Dottie’s Nursery, Kiddie Cats Pre-School, 

Rising Stars Day Care, The Sage School and Tara 

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