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Symbols used worldwide to communication and reading

What are Widgit Symbols?

Widgit Symbols are used worldwide to aid communication and reading.

Learning to read and write can be very difficult, especially when new concepts are being introduced. Young children can also find a new environment daunting and hard to navigate.

Widgit Symbols add support to the learning environment and motivate children. Symbol labelling, visual timetables and educational materials make it easier for young children to access information and feel more confident.

Make your own symbol materials

Widgit's titles come with over 18,000 Widgit Symbols and can be used in any environment including classrooms, healthcare settings or at home to create a variety of symbol materials and visual supports.


With access to 100s of editable templates and a range of powerful design features, InPrint 3 is the perfect tool to create visual supports and learning materials.

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Create visual, communication and learning supports in your web browser using 100s of easy-to-use templates. No installation or updating required.

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Take a look at the kinds of materials created and shared by the Widgit community of teachers, parents and professionals on their Instagram page.

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