Business support webinars for nurseries

To support the childcare sector through the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, we are hosting a range of business support webinars with an early years expert. 

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– Legislation and policy guidance changes regularly. It is the responsibility of the setting to review the latest COVID-19 guidance from the Government.

Please note: there will not be a recording of these webinars available after they have taken please.

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Staff Induction & Reopening

This webinar will support you as a nursery manager or owner to prepare your team and setting with the transition back to fully reopening after lockdown.

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Supporting Staff Well-being & Grouping

This webinar covers how to support staff well-being at this time of uncertainty including the environment, lone-working, ratios and flexible furlough.

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Infection Control in Nurseries

This webinar will support nurseries with practices and procedures, and how to limit the risk of infection by having sound infection control measures in place.

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Settling New Children & Parents

This webinar will help you understand the emotions, well-being and fear of both children and parents on the return to nursery after lockdown.

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Traumatic Situations

This webinar looks at how to prepare yourself with knowledge, tools and strategies to support the mental health and well-being of children in your care.

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Preparing Indoor & Outdoor Environment Activities

This webinar will help you prepare an enabling environment that allows children, staff and parents to feel confident and secure in the current COVID-19 world. 

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Recorded webinars

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"I would like you to pass on my most sincere thanks, I really did find this webinar extremely helpful and stimulating, I now feel I could fight and survive anything, truly inspirational." - Happy Days Childcare Services Ltd

Business Recovery

Bringing a business out of an economic winter is not for the faint hearted.  It takes strength of character, tenacity and a solid action and financial plan.  Survival does not just happen, you have to work for it. The best time to plan for the recovery of a business is during the crisis.  There may be many variables and a lot of uncertainty, yet without a plan you cannot even start. Fight and grow your business now so that once the social distancing guidelines are removed and the children return you are responding to the situation in control.

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Business Continuity

During these unprecedented times uncertainty causes anxiety and worry.

It is how we lead and respond to this situation that will determine how your business will recover once the storm passes.

This interactive session looks at how you can navigate the storm to build systems and business processes that will see your business not only survive, but thrive!

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