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Quality Counts awarded nurseries

Congratulations to all nurseries that have been awarded Quality Counts Certification. 

Quality Counts is NDNA's quality improvement scheme for nurseries. It showcases nurseries that want to reflect, review and improve their practice to the highest quality standards.

What does this certification mean? 

Achieving Quality Counts gives your parents and staff the reassurance that your nursery meets defined and robust quality standards.  Accreditation is based on an assessment against a framework of standards and includes an on-site visit to observe practice.

The Quality Counts Certification Mark is a registered trademark, that has been externally examined and validated by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

Our Quality Counts awarded nurseries

Well done to all nurseries that have been awarded Quality Counts. Here are current Quality Counts awarded nurseries:

Awarded in 2019
  • Oswestry School Prepcare Nursery, Owestry
  • Birchfield Prepcare, Wolverhampton
  • Red Balloon Day Nursery, Cobham
  • New Brighton Day Nursery, Wallasey
  • Children 4 Most at Squirrels Wood, Manchester
  • Jigsaw Curzon House Day Nursery, Chester
  • Toad Hall Nursery Ltd, Rayleigh
  • Small is Beautiful (AKA TeePee), Berkshire
  • Stretton Day Nursery, Burton-on-Trent
  • Crown House, Cardiff
  • Children 4 Most at Flowery Field, Cheshire
  • First Timers Pre School Nursery (Rosemount), London
  • Buttercups Day Nursery Ltd, Cardiff
  • Pathfinders Nursery, Bilton
  • The Orchard Day Nursery, Beeston
  • The Rose Garden Day Nursery, Swansea
  • First Timers Pre School Nursery, Lincoln
  • Monkey Puzzle Nursery Golders Green, London
  • Street Farm Day Nursery Ltd, Bury
  • Kiddycare Nursery, Leicester
  • Plantos, Cardiff
  • Kensington International Kindergarten, Bangkok
  • Little Chimps Day Nursery, Cannock
  • Little Pals Children's Day Nursery, Clacton-on-Sea
  • Little Chimps Day Nursery Hednesford, Cannock
  • Hey Days, Holmfirth
  • Kinder Giggles, Duckinfield
  • Silcoats School, Wakefield
  • Teddy Bear UHB, Penarth
  • Harton Village Kindergarten, Tyne and Wear.
Awarded in 2018
  • Sunflowers, Sheffield 
  • Arnold Lodge Nursery, Leamington Spa
  • Smarties Nursery – Chester.
Awarded in 2017
  • The Fledglings, Preston
  • Next Steps Nursery, Enderby.

Prior to the relaunch of Quality Counts in 2017/18 the following settings were awarded eQC and their award is valid for 3 years.:

  • The Mill Childcare Centre (eQC)
  • Nannas Day Nurseries (eQC)
  • Brockhouse Nursery School (eQC)
  • Shotley Bridge Nursery (eQC)
  • Falcon British Nursery (eQC)
  • St Agnes Day Nursery (eQC)
  • Nature Trails Day Nursery (eQC)
  • The Budaiya Pre-School (eQC).

Fledglings Nursery, Preston

Quality Counts helps you reflect on your practice and helps staff reflect on their practice. It shows parents that when they leave their children here, they are getting the best quality care they can.

- Next Steps Nursery

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How can your nursery get certification?

To raise outcomes for your nursery children and be well-prepared for your next inspection, find out more about Quality Counts here. To suit all budgets, there are three pathways to choose from:

Journey to Excellence
This is our package including: a 160 page manual, two quality online courses and 26 self-assessment templates.

Online Audit and Review
This gives you assess to evaluation processes online to reflect on all aspects of your practice. 

Quality Counts Certification
As featured above, this is our full certification with access to: a mentor, online audit, training and assessment.

Find out more about Quality Counts