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Outdoor resource boxes

Resource boxes are an ideal way to add enhancements to the outdoor area, particularly for smaller outdoor areas. 

Base resource boxes on children’s interests and ideas and add exciting provocations to engage children’s interest. Introduce boxes to children during key group times.

Observe them outdoors using the resources, watching their play closely. Consider what other resources could be introduced to extend and enrich children’s learning further.

Reach for the Stars Nursery resource boxesRemember to consult with children themselves to share their ideas about what could be added to the box.

Examples of resource boxes include: 

  • Builders Box: high-visibility jackets, hard hats, clipboard and mark making tools, tool box, wooden blocks; construction signs and construction tape, buckets and spades in various sizes, trowels
  • Windy Day Box: kites, windmills, ribbons/streamers, wind chimes etc.
  • Rainy Day Box: chalks to draw in puddles, watering cans, umbrellas, tin trays etc.
  • Sunny Day Box: sun hats, sun glasses, chalk to draw around shadows
  • Snowy Day Box: hats, scarves, spades, tin trays, thermometer
  • Wash Day Box: pegs, washing line, clothes of various sizes.

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