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Nature walks

Nature walks are an ideal activity for children of all ages throughout the year.

  • Take the children on walks in the same area and talk to them about the changes they can see, hear, feel and smell in the air
  • Taking time out of a busy nursery day to listen to the sounds around them in the outdoors also helps with supporting children’s mental well-being. It allows children to calm themselves naturally whilst developing their senses
  • You may choose to capture what you see and find on the walk; one method is to use a journey stick
    • Find a large stick and attach pieces of string or wool to it
    • As you come across different trees or plants, you can take items off the floor (not off the actual living plants!!) and tie them onto the stick in the order you found them
    • This can then be used on return to the setting to talk over the walk you have done and what you found.
Nature is important and needs to be cared for, the next generation can only do this if you teach them how to respect it and what support it needs.

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