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Top tips: Exploring the wildlife in your nursery garden

Children are fascinated by wildlife and there are lots of ways to get them involved in giving nature a home and finding out more about birds and minibeasts in your area:Child with binoculars

  • Hang up bird feeders and nesting boxes, and put bird food out to entice birds into the outdoor area of your setting
  • Create a bird café - include a variety of foods suitable for birds e.g. sunflower seeds, uncooked oats, cooked rice. Why not make fat balls with the children from lard and bird seeds?
  • Make a bird bath - use a shallow container such as an upturned dustbin lid or large circular plant tray. Allow this to catch rain water naturally or add tap water
  • Make a bug hotel, here's a guide
  • Go on a bug hunt, here's a guide
  • Get parents involved - find out if they have any skills they could contribute e.g. can they make bird boxes, is one of their hobbies bird watching, are any interested in wildlife and gardening?
  • Encourage children to observe the wildlife and minibeasts they see - supply binoculars, allow children to take photos, draw pictures, make a display and share books and facts.

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