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Taking care of the nursery team

Educating and caring for young children is one of the most rewarding jobs there is.

However, it can also be challenging and tiring for practitioners in the sector.

In the same way we show care and kindness to the children in our setting, we can take care of our team and support our colleagues to feel valued in the workplace.

Happy practitionerSee our top tips for taking care of the team below:

  1. Competition can be healthy and fun:
    Events such as staff bake offs are a good way to nurture relationships in the workplace, as well as providing fun! Staff can bake at home or even involved the children and bake in the setting, pitting their cakes against that of their team mates
  2. Little gifts go a long way:
    Showing your team mates that you’re thinking of them doesn’t have to involve a grand gesture. Simply putting a box of mini treats in the staff room or a picture of a funny or uplifting quote on the wall can make people feel good
  3. Show you care:
    Early years practitioners are experts at ‘leaving home life at the door’ but this isn’t always easy. If you know a colleague is having a hard time, show them you care simply by making them a cuppa when they come in, or by checking in with them at lunchtime
  4. Random acts of kindness:
    It’s the little things that count! Make it your goal to do one random act of kindness for a team mate each week. See the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website for ideas on how to make your colleagues feel special
  5. Show gratitude:
    Everyone likes to feel appreciated and have their efforts recognised. Simply by saying thank you to your team mates for the things that do and bring to the team can make a really big difference to their well-being
  6. Celebrate and share success:
    Find ways to share any successes across the whole team, whether it be a great activity, a lovely display or a breakthrough in potty training a child. Congratulating one another is a good way to nurture team relationships, as well as having the added benefit of shared ideas
  7. Ask what you can do to help:
    Ask your team mate if there’s anything you can support them with. It may be they are having difficulty finding time to do a long observation of a child and you could help them with one of their tasks that day to free up some time.

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