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International Volunteering Day (5th December 2021)

International volunteering week is an ideal opportunity to get children involved in volunteering and helping others. Taking part in volunteering can help to develop children’s self-esteem and sense of belonging in their community.

Top tips for encouraging volunteering in your setting.

  1. Talk about volunteers and how they give their time to help others. Share examples of local volunteers and how they help others
  2. Speak to family members and find out about any volunteering they may do that you can share as an example with the children 
  3. Ask children if they know of any volunteers or whether they have been a volunteer previously
  4. Explain that it is volunteers week and a time to celebrate volunteers and how you are going to focus on volunteering jobs in the nursery for the week
  5. Ask children to share their ideas of what they may be able to do as a volunteer and which jobs can help others
  6. Take photographs over the week of children volunteering across the setting and create a display (ideally at child height) and look it together, talking about all the ways children have helped others
  7. Celebrate all the volunteers and the many ways they have helped. Talk about which volunteering roles the children would like to keep going across the year.

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