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Plastic waste at nursery

Glitter on child's hands

We all have a part to play in ensuring that our world is sustainable and fit for future generations.

As an early years professional, you could start by reflecting on your practice, as well as teaching children about looking after our environment.

  • Take some time over the next week to consider the single-use plastics and other waste at your nursery
  • List out all the items you can think of at your setting
    • This can include things like baby wipes, gloves, bags and food packaging
  • Consider how you can replace or make more conscious purchasing decisions for each item. Check out this biodegradable glitter from TTS (and don't forget your 10% discount on all orders and single-use 20% discount for full NDNA members!)
  • Some of this may be unavoidable of course, but you could look at trying to reduce it.

You can find more top tips on this in our blog post by early years consultant Sue Asquith. 

See our activity guide for supporting children to develop their sense social responsibility and learn about their impact on the environment too.

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