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Sound bags

Encourage children to use their listening skills to support problem solving, literacy and maths development with our sound bags top tips.

Child looking in toy basket

Helping children to learn to listen to sounds and identify them can support their development across the curriculum.

To support this, why not create a sound bag? 

Here's how:

  • Take a cloth bag and add in lots of items that make a sound
  • One by one make the object make a sound and see if the children can work out what this is
    • You may decide to give clues if they get stuck
  • Encourage the children to set up another sound bag by exploring the nursery to see what they could add in that makes a sound
  • Can they play music with their friends and their sound bags?
  • In the nursery garden, ask the children what they can hear
  • As they start to notice differences in what they hear outside and in their sound bags, discuss how they are different to support problem solving skills.

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