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Shadow drawing

Encourage children to measure shadows and to explore the difference between shadow and light in this activity.

Child looking at shadow

Learning aims

  • Understanding the difference between shadow and light
  • Mark-making with precision
  • Measuring shadows
  • Matching shadows to items.


  • Wooden blocks
  • Small world animals
  • Light blocks
  • CDs on string
  • Chalk 
  • Tape measures / rulers 
  • Clipboard
  • Clock.

Activity outline

  • Take the children outside on a sunny day
    • Ensure all sun care procedures have been followed
  • Look around for shadows already in the outdoor area
    • Concrete or tarmac are the best surfaces for this
  • Talk about what is making the shadows and how they move during the day
  • Make your own shadows using blocks and small world animals 
  • Draw around the shadows and then move the items
  • Can the other children work out which item goes where?
    • This is a simple matching activity which will help with children’s mathematical skills
    • Ask the children how they knew which block went where
  • Revisit the activity later in the day and place the items back in the chalk marks, ask the children what has happened
    • The earth has moved since earlier so the shadow will have moved too.

Extending the activity

  • To challenge the children further, ask them to measure the shadows on the ground once they have drawn them
  • Measure the block that made the shadow
  • Log both down on a clipboard
    • What do they notice? 
  • Repeat this activity at different times of the day
    • What happens at midday? 
  • This is a good activity to see the passing of time and can be extended by creating a sundial which operates in the same manner
  • This activity incorporates time, measurement as well as understanding the movement of the earth around the sun.

Younger children

  • For younger children use CDs and light blocks to see colours reflected on the ground from the objects
  • Dangle the CDs from trees so they can spin in the breeze and make different colours
  • Talk to the children about the colours you can see
  • Extend the activity by blowing bubbles and looking at the rainbow colours inside the bubbles. 
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