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Gifts for Grandparents

Help the children in your setting to celebrate and appreciate their grandparents and the special people in their lives with an open ended crafting activity.

Due to the circumstances surrounding coronavirus / Covid-19, please do not allow family members to spend time together directly. Letters, and artwork can be posted to houses or shared over online video chat. For more details see our coronavirus page here .

Learning aims

  • For children to discuss their family and the special people in their lives
  • To show affection and appreciation for people that are special to them
  • This activity will support children’s development in the areas of Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language, Literacy and Expressive Arts and Design. 


This would depend on exactly what the children decided to make, but a good selection of general open ended craft items such as: 

  • Paper and card
  • Coloured pencils, crayons, felt tips or paints
  • Glue, tissue paper and sprinkles (etc)
  • Paint, brushes, sponges and other printing items
  • Camera (if they make a card, photo frame or book mark)
  • Clay
  • Paper plates.

Activity outline

  • Begin by using your knowledge of the make up of the families of your key children.  Some will have Grandparents that live locally, some may have Grandparents that further away or in another country and some children may not have Grandparents but may have other special people in their lives
  • Talk to the children about their family. They may speak about a special family event or the time spent with others or use specific words to describe their special people
  • Help children to decide what they would like to make, for example a celebration card, a book mark, photo frame, a Grandparents Award, model, painting or picture
  • Talk to the children about what they are doing. If they are making a card or picture perhaps they would like to you write some of their special thoughts/words on a speech bubble so that they can add their words too?

Working with babies?

Why not involve parents, asking them to provide photos of their family so that the babies and young children can point to and communicate to you about their special people?  

Ensure you are aware of the specific names used for members of their family, such as Nanna, Grandad, Gramps and Pops.

Further information

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