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Spiders, spiders everywhere!

In order to support children's engagement with the world around them, why not have fun discovering the world of spiders?

Child holding spiderLearning aims:

  • Exploring the world around them
  • Noticing living things and features of their environment
  • Talking about what they have found 
  • Using technology to take photos and find out more information. 


  • Magnifying glasses 
  • Camera or device to take photos 
  • Different coloured pieces of paper/card 
  • Access to a device for the internet. 

Spider dangling above handActivity outline

  • Go out into your nursery garden or plan a walk in your local surroundings and hunt for spider webs 
  • Once you have found an area, use the magnifying glass to look closely and talk about what they look like or where they might be
    • Are they big or small? 
    • Can you see any spiders or insects in the areas? 
  • Place the spiders on coloured paper/card – investigate what happens
  • Let the children take photos 
  • Look at them at different times of the day/week 
    • Talk about the changes - are they wet/frosty? 
  • Use technology to research more facts about spiders and webs. Ideas may include: 
    • How do spiders make webs?
    • Why do they make webs? 
    • What the biggest web ever made? 
    • Look for the different types of spiders? 
    • What are the different species of spiders? 
    • How big is the biggest spider? 
    • What is the world record for the biggest web? 

Extension ideas

  • Read stories about spiders. Suggestions include: 
    • Never touch a spider (touch and feel series)
    • The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle 
    • Spinderella by Julia Donaldson (for older children)
  • Sing songs about spiders including ‘Incy Wincy Spider’, ‘Five Little Spiders’ and ‘There’s a Spider on the Floor’
  • Make spiders – you could use play-dough, loose parts and/or box modelling
  • Link to any interests e.g. 'Spider-man'! 

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